What A Great Idea

It’s Mac & Cheese Week in Montreal!

13 Mar , 2015   Video

Select restaurants in the Montreal area have come together for the first annual Mac & Cheese Week 2015. Bringing to the table delicious bowls of nostalgia, L’Gros Luxe and Le Cheese have cooked up this idea as a means for bolstering the restaurant community, as well as giving Montrealers a reason to discover new favorite dining spots. We […]

What A Great Idea

Big Answers, Bigger Questions on “Through the Wormhole”

25 Feb , 2015   Video

An entertaining and informative romp through the wildly expanding universe of knowledge we call science. One of the most interesting shows on television today, Through the Wormhole hosted by Morgan Freeman, peruses the annals of modern understanding, and introduces to generations young and old concepts and discoveries deserving of the mainstream. Get your science fix […]

What A Great Idea

Patreon: Where Audiences Support The Creators They Love

18 Feb , 2015   Video

Want to become a patron of the arts? Sure you do! Patreon allows fans to support creators so they can continue to provide great, quality content. By allowing audiences to engage with the producers they care about, makers of all stripes are able to live, improve and share their work with the world. Want to make […]

What A Great Idea

Tan Tan Kat Makes The Coolest Soaps Ever

7 Jan , 2015  

Ever wished your soap looked more like a gem, or a cupcake, or a sushi roll? You’re about to. Tan Tan Kat is home to an ingenious soap maker extraordinaire who wants to show you how to make beautiful, soapy works of heart. Here at TTK we believe that everyone is creative, and everything you […]

What A Great Idea

You Can Learn Anything from KhanAcademy.org

3 Dec , 2014   Video

Despite what you may have thought, or been taught, your ability to learn depends on your ability to make mistakes. It turns out, learning depends less on your ability to get things right, and more on your willingness to keep making mistakes. KhanAcademy.org is creating a paradigm shift in education that will benefit students all […]

What A Great Idea

A Remarkable Petition Platform For Change

26 Nov , 2014   Video

Find your supporters where they are: Online. Change.org is an internet petition platform that allows individuals and communities to demonstrate their desire for change. The staunch clipboard activist standing on street corners gets an upgrade. Using the incredible interconnectivity of the net, activists can amplify their voice and extend their reach by taping into the […]

What A Great Idea

WeDemand Gives Power To The People

19 Nov , 2014   Video

WeDemand turns the tables of the music industry by giving audiences the ability to attract their favorite performers to their town. This crowdsourcing platform allows individuals to demonstrate their interest, in turn, drawing artists to where they are wanted. Instead of spending large sums on advertising, an artist can easily see where his willing audience is. […]