What A Great Idea

Tan Tan Kat Makes The Coolest Soaps Ever

7 Jan , 2015  

Ever wished your soap looked more like a gem, or a cupcake, or a sushi roll? You’re about to. Tan Tan Kat is home to an ingenious soap maker extraordinaire who wants to show you how to make beautiful, soapy works of heart.

Here at TTK we believe that everyone is creative, and everything you surround yourself with should inspire you! That’s why we make creative hand made soaps and bath products made to excite and invigorate all your senses. It makes a different world when we know that we are all born to create.

Tan Tan Kat wants to feed your skin the very best. That’s why all “products are carefully handcrafted with 100% vegan ingredients which are kosher certified and non-GMO.” TTK also provides a space for soap making workshops and events.



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